What do we do with the leftover second-hand items?

We hate to see things going to waste, so we just wanted to let you know what happens to any leftovers from our fete.

Any jars leftover (and that includes jars not wanted once the kids have selected their lucky jars) are kept and reused for the Mothers Day and Fathers Day stalls, and in turn, kept for the next fete. We use them SO much – we will always take your unwanted jars!!

Any leftover second hand clothes, toys or books are donated to charities. Anything that is donated before the fete that isn’t suitable for our stalls gets donated straight to a charity.

As for recyclables….

After the fete, we will donate the popped bubble wrap plastic to Coles/Woolworths who collect soft plastics for recycling via RedCycle. The leftover cardboard will go in the paper recycling bins.

Any softdrink cans, water bottles or popper boxes will be collected and put towards our school’s container refund scheme. We will have a large cage located near the entrance on Monza St.

The slushie containers, coffee cups and both types of lids can all be recycled in the council bins too. Our straws are biodegradable.